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Imagine You’re Having An Exploratory Call With A Prospect In The Software-As-A-Service Industry. As You’re Explaining The GDD Process, The CMO Cuts In And Explains That They Are Confused About Why There Is A Need For A Launch Pad Website And Continuous Improvement. Which Of The Following Would Be A Good Way To Respond?

HubSpot Growth-Driven Design Agency Certification Exam Answers:

  • First, reaffirm the importance of the website to business growth. After, give an analogy to compare the way the prospect’s product team builds industry-leading software to how the GDD process builds peak-performing websites.
  • First, reaffirm the importance of the website to business growth. After, transition to explaining each step of the continuous improvement process in more depth, diving deeper into specifics of experimentation.
  • First, give them a deeper explanation of the launch pad website and continuous improvement stages. After, offer the option to implement the website using traditional web design if they would prefer.
  • Explain that they are not a good fit for Growth-Driven Design and refer them to a traditional web design agency.

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