HubSpot Social Media Certification Exam Answers 2018 [100% Pass Guarantee – Social Media Certification – HubSpot Academy]

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Social Media Certification (New):

  • 2 hours
  • 50 Questions
  • You must answer 38 questions correctly to pass.
  • Validity Period of 12 Months


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Welcome to the Social Media Certification exam.

Social Media Certification course consists of lessons that span the four stages of the Social Media methodology. From attracting to converting to closing and delighting your customers, this course covers the basics of what Social Media is all about. The Social Media Certification features HubSpot executives and leadership teaching you how to run an Social Media business, from marketing to sales to services.

Before taking this exam.

A few things to know before taking this exam

There are 70 questions.
It should take 2 hours to complete.
You must answer 53 questions correctly to pass.
You must wait 12 hours between attempts.
If you close this exam before finishing, your answers won’t be saved and it will count as a failed exam.